Accepted Hacks for 3nd NDN Hackathon

Active 3nd NDN Hackathon projects and participants

1. SQL-based Repository (PDF)

Project participants: Junxiao Shi (University of Arizona), Peter Gusev (UCLA), Zhiyi Zhang (UCLA)

2. NDN Stack for ESP8266 Microcontroller (PDF)

Project participants: Andres Calderon Jaramillo (Colorado State University), Chris Dean (Colorado State University)

3. Ad-hoc NDN Relay with MicroForwarder (PDF)

Project participants: Jeff Thompson (UCLA), Wentao Shang (UCLA), Susmit Shannigrahi (Colorado State University), Zhehao Wang (UCLA)

4. HR Next Phase (PDF)

Project participants: Ashlesh Gawande (University of Memphis), Muktadir Chowdhury (University of Memphis), Ivan Voitalov (Northeastern University) Slides

5. nlsrSIM (PDF)

Project participants: Nick Gordon (University of Memphis), Anil Jangam (University of Maryland Baltimore County / Cisco), Laqin Fan (University of Memphis)

6. Android NDN auto-configuration (PDF)

Project participants: Alex Afanasyev (UCLA), Thiago Teixeira (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Eric Newberry (University of Arizona), Lei Pi

7. New Congestion Adaptation for ndncatchunks (PDF)

Project Participants: Klaus Schneider (University of Arizona), Teng Liang (University of Arizona)

Other proposals that didn’t have enough manpower to work on:

1. New Feature for NFD Validator: Fetching Certificate from Remote Prefix Registration Requester (PDF)

Project leader: Zhiyi Zhang

Project leader: Junxiao Shi

3. Name Compression on MTU-restricted Channels (PDF)

Project leader: Junxiao Shi

4. Software-defined Named Data Networking (PDF)

Project leader: Chengyu Fan

5. File sharing via multihomed Android App (PDF)

Project leader: Thiago Teixeira